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Presti Diam Graphic is a family business, a printing company, specializing in printing with natural diamond fragments.With thirty years of experience, Jacques Cymès, the founder, was inspired to develop one of the finest prestigious finishes in the field of graphic arts.

Presti Diam Graphic is first and foremost a printing company capable of meeting the demands of all types of customers. It occupies a place in the world of high-end printing and makes the creation of unique products accessible.

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Graphic creation

We know how to be proactive in designing all types of creations. Equipped with a design department and the latest cutting-edge software, we bring your ideas to life.


If you have an idea for which diamond printing would be ideal but don’t know how to make it happen, we develop the project together, step by step, whatever the nature.


Being a printing company, Presti Diam Graphic also offers offset or digital printing service and more. Accompanied by her collaborators, she prints on all media, even without diamonds.

The most beautiful sublimation

For all your creations

Suitable for printing on all media, diamond printing gives a luxurious touch to your printed elements, whether it is an announcement, invitation card, poster, POS, box and other packaging.

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It started with a wedding

It took a wedding for an idea. Rich in thirty years of, Jacques Cymès, the founder, was inspired to develop one of the finest and prestigious finishes of the field of graphic arts while he was present at an extraordinary wedding …

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