Each project is unique

Presti diam Graphic is above all a printing company. Therefore, it meets all traditional demands in terms of printing. As for the development of a project for which diamonds will be applied, you will be advised and accompanied to make your idea a reality and this, in the highest quality possible.

How does a project work?

You send us your request via the contact form below or directly by email. To set a price that includes diamond printing, we need to know the area that will be printed. There are two solutions for this:

  • You provide us with a vector file in which the diamond print surface is visible.
  • Or, you do not know where to place the diamond but want to apply it on your support or packaging and we make a proposal based on a surface established by us.

We set up a first meeting during which you explain your project to us.

Once the desired concept is clarified, the project can take two directions;

  • Either it is a question of a “simple” request where we can quickly establish a quote. We start to imagine the product and visualize the rendering of the diamond printing via a model. (subject to validation of a “good for agreement”).

  • Either your project requires additional development in which case development costs will be applied. In the latter case, we will inform you of all the stages in the development of the project.

New project ?

Share your ideas

Are you organizing a fashion week? Do you want to inaugurate your latest supercar model? Do you have the ambition to design the most beautiful cognac box yet to be seen?

Whether for a simple information or for a new project, we answer your questions as soon as possible.