The diamond printing technique is a finish just like other sublimations such as embossing, film coating or hot gold deposition. It consists of applying a powder of 100% natural diamond fragments to all types of support. For each production produced, a certificate of authenticity is issued.


The raw material of diamond printing is natural diamond powder. This comes from falling fragments of diamonds after cutting and jewelry making. Thus, no diamond is damaged, “wasted” for the sole purpose of providing us with these fragments.

Presti Diam Graphic is part of an eco-responsible process by reusing these fragments of natural diamonds.

patented innovation

This exclusive technique aims to sublimate the supports on which it is applied to give each product a unique identity.Diamond printing is a printing technique that is the subject of a patent for invention filed with the INPI.

The patent covers the printing technique of all precious stones on all printable and / or printed media. It is therefore forbidden to promote, reproduce and benefit from this technique without an agreement established with us within the framework of a collaboration or a partnership. If you are a professional in the world of graphic arts and are interested in offering this finish to your clients, please contact us to establish the framework for the collaboration.



The story of Presti Diam Graphic begins in 2013. It was born under the impetus of Jacques Cymès, a printer with thirty years of experience in the field of offset printing, V group. Presti Diam Graphic being a family business, Jacques is therefore surrounded by his children and his wife to further develop the technique and carry out unique projects.

All creation and most of the productions are made in France. Proud of the know-how of France, the family business favors collaborations with companies that share values such as exchange, loyalty and the desire to innovate.

Once upon a time

Why was diamond printing invented?

Presti Diam Graphic is a story of met challenges and tireless ambition. The story begins with an anecdote. So it was during a wedding mixing fireworks, limousine and helicopter that Jacques, a great dreamer, realized that the invitation had nothing to do with the extraordinary nature of the event.

A traditional, monochrome four-page print was the sensible document to announce to 200 guests the happiest day of a young couple.

The event was fabulously organized, down to the smallest detail without thinking about the announcement, apart from it being a key part of this process. It testifies to the promise made to the guests to be invited to one of the most beautiful events. The announcement is an example that illustrates the impact of a printed document. It conveys a strong message and marks our spirit.

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